I didn’t know I would get this far – Black Sherif


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Ghanaian musician and global icon Black Sherif has underlined the importance of maintaining one’s artistic principles and cooperating with others.

In an interview with American YouTuber Jazzy, Blacko talked about his career background and achievements.

He acknowledged his own uncertainty and the growth that results from persistence as he exhorted other creatives to never give up in the face of difficulty.

“Collaborating and staying true to ourselves and our feelings. As a creative, if you are true to your team, you will see growth every day, there’s always a light somewhere. Just try to see growth. Do something.

“Look at me. I tried. I didn’t know I would be here in 2023. I tried something. I could be at home, blaming whoever or whatever for being stagnant. But we tried, and it’s our time. So even if you don’t see growth, just keep trying,” he said.

Born Mohammed Ismail Sherif, better known as Black Sherif, expressed his affection for Ghana and his wish for a world filled with kindness.

He praised the inherent goodness and unity among Ghanaians and stated his wish to see such happiness spread throughout the world.

“If somebody falls right now in Ghana, everybody would go and check up on the person. And I feel like there’s positive energy radiating in Ghana. I think I would love to see that around the world because it’s a universal feeling. And I hope that everyone in the world can connect to that feeling,” he said.

‘Second Sermon’ and his debut album ‘The villain I never was’ propelled Black Sherif to prominence in the music industry.

In addition to other recognition, his distinct sound won him the Best International Flow title at the BET Hip Hop Awards.

Beyond being a studio star, Black Sherif captivates crowds at large festivals and sells out shows. He is becoming a major worldwide star.

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