Daylight armed robbery at Ashaiman community 22 by unknown attackers, victim survives


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It was a broad daylight armed robbery incident on Monday afternoon at Ashaiman right near the Community 22 Police station by unknown Assassins.

The unknown Assassins with guns had attacked a Ghanaian manufacturer, businessman and traditional ruler who parked his car and upon getting back to his car, the assassins who were on a motor bike and one other on a tricycle pounced on him and pulled out guns saying ”you, you will die today , you no go see 2024”.

The hoodlums then turned their guns on him at close range and fired several rounds of the ammunition but miraculously their bullets missed target. Then one took out a broken bottle and the other a bar to attack him but he miraculously became invisible to them and suddenly appeared on the premises of a Police Station which was just a few meters close.

The station officer Inspector Seth Ofosu and other police officers acted swiftly with him to the scene only to find that the assassins had bolted with an amount of 3 bundles of foreign currency amounting to $30,000 with two bundles of 200 cedi notes amounting to 40,000 Ghana cedis from the king’s car.

Eyewitnesses said they saw the gangsters speeding off with their booty, leaving the King’s car because they probably could not find the car keys since the Klikor Chief, the victim, had disappeared with it as it was in his hands already.

The incident happened at about 3:00 pm today Monday 18th December, 2023 just three days to the King’s 40th birthday 21st December.

According to the Klikor Chief Torgbi Xenodzi Dogbey II, the criminals covered their faces above their noses and wore black jackets and black gloves.

Narrating the incident, the Klikor Chief said, he thanked God for saving his life because after the would-be assassins fired on him with their guns several times which didn’t work, including other items like broken bottles to kill him, he unconsciously saw someone that looked like Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams together with an appearance like Christ, who miraculously took his body away making him invisible, only to appear at the Community 22 Police Station premises.

He said before he got to the police station, he heard a voice saying to him, “My son, Speed up my coming, reveal my secrets to them, I saved you, I’ll provide for you, I’m Aravat Yhʋh,  the Yehoshua whom you call Jesus Christ, soon they shall see me, I’M THE LIFE AND THE RESURRECTION, I’VE GIVEN YOU LIFE“.

The Police Inspector promised and assured him of constant Police escorts from now onwards for his bank deposits since he was on his way to deposit money at the bank before this unfortunate incident occurred.

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