Who is Wode Maya? The inspiring revelation about his journey


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Born on March 3, 1990, Berthold Kobby Winkler Ackon, better known online as Wode Maya, is an aeronautical engineer, YouTuber, vlogger, and digital media influencer from Ghana. In 2017, he took a video in a bus where seats were empty beside him and other passengers stood due to his skin colour and the video went viral. He is widely recognised as one of Africa’s Top and Most Important YouTubers.

Wode Maya is a Chinese words which means ‘My Mother’. He is happily married to a Kenyan YouTuber, Miss Trudy.

His Journey

Wode Maya is a fantastic Ghanaian YouTuber who posts interesting documentaries and travel vlogs about various African nations. He is passionate about presenting the African continent’s natural beauty, rich culture, and untold tales. Wode Maya’s videos are filled with adventure, humor, and valuable insights.

He frequently visits lesser-known locations to showcase Africa’s richness and diversity. Together with promoting African travel and dispelling misconceptions about the continent, his content is both educational and entertaining. Wode Maya’s videos are incredibly inspirational because of his contagious optimism and sincere love for Africa.

What sets Wode Maya apart

Wode Maya’s distinct viewpoint and method of presenting Africa set him apart from other YouTubers. His videos genuinely convey his sincere enthusiasm for his continent. Wode Maya offers viewers a new and genuine perspective on Africa by exploring lesser-known locations in addition to the well-known tourist spots. He has a remarkable ability to tell stories and a talent for bringing the beauty and diversity of every place he visits to life. Moreover, Wode Maya’s engaging and upbeat personality adds to the enjoyment of his content. He spreads love and admiration for Africa while not being afraid to take on significant issues and dispel myths. He is unique and a fantastic YouTuber because of that!

Key Amazing places visited by Wode Maya

Well, Wode Maya has been to so many amazing locations throughout Africa! Among the most breathtaking locales he has featured are:

  1. Victoria Falls, located in Zimbabwe and Zambia, is a breathtaking waterfall that is among the biggest in the world.
  2. Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park: Wode Maya beautifully depicted the amazing fauna and expansive vistas of this well-known safari destination.
  3. Cape Town, South Africa: He strolled around the charming city, taking in the breathtaking beaches, Table Mountain, and lively culture.
  4. Wode Maya visited Marrakech, Morocco, and thoroughly enjoyed the lively colours, busy marketplaces, and fascinating history of this alluring city.
  5. Zanzibar, Tanzania: He highlighted this tropical island’s stunning beaches, azure waters, and intriguing culture.

These are but a handful of Wode Maya’s many amazing travel destinations throughout Africa.

The Impacts

Wode Maya’s influence on his audience and the larger YouTube community is noteworthy. He has been able to dispel myths and stereotypes about Africa through his videos, which highlight the beauty, diversity, and rich culture of the region. Wode Maya’s content has encouraged a lot of people to travel to Africa and discover more about its people and history.

Furthermore, Wode Maya’s upbeat and optimistic demeanour has left a lasting impression on his audience. He inspires people to celebrate diversity and embrace their own heritage by sharing messages of love, unity, and gratitude for Africa. People have been inspired by his videos to try new things, get out of their comfort zones, and adopt new perspectives on the world.

Wode Maya’s influence extends beyond amusement. He has made use of his position to spread the word about crucial concerns affecting Africa, like sustainable development, education, and poverty. In addition, he has taken part in a number of charitable endeavours, leveraging his connections to improve the lives of others.

In general, Wode Maya’s influence is evident in the ways he has uplifted and informed his audience, dispelled myths, and encouraged a more inclusive and positive story about Africa. His contributions on YouTube have genuinely changed lives.


As a YouTuber, Wode Maya has encountered a good number of difficulties. The financial aspect is one of the primary challenges that he has highlighted. Due to the high cost of both travelling and producing top-notch content, Wode Maya has had to come up with inventive ways to pay for his exploits. To keep up his work, he frequently depends on partnerships, sponsorships, and the encouragement of his devoted fan base.

The logistics of visiting isolated or difficult-to-reach places have proven to be another difficulty for him. In unfamiliar places, it can be difficult to plan his itinerary, find lodging, and use the transit system. But Wode Maya’s tenacity and ingenuity have allowed him to get past these challenges and provide his audience with amazing content.

Finally, managing internet trolls and unfavourable remarks is just one of the difficulties that come with being a YouTube content creator. Nonetheless, Wode Maya has consistently prioritised uplifting others and highlighting the splendour of Africa, and his devoted fan base has been tremendously encouraging.

Notwithstanding these difficulties, Wode Maya’s love for presenting Africa and his unwavering commitment have elevated him to a cherished and significant position in the YouTube community.

Charitable Activities

Yes! Among Wode Maya’s noteworthy altruistic endeavours is his participation in the “Wode Maya Education Foundation.” His foundation is intended to help impoverished children in different African countries by offering them support and educational opportunities.

Wode Maya has encouraged his audience to support the foundation by using his platform to raise money and awareness for it. The foundation’s primary goals are to construct schools, offer scholarships, and give away educational supplies to underprivileged people.

Wode Maya is a firm believer in empowering the next generation and providing them with the resources they need to succeed through education. Many children have benefited from his charitable efforts, which have opened doors for them to have better futures and access to high-quality education.

Seeing how Wode Maya uses his influence to improve communities and make a difference through his charitable endeavours is incredibly motivating.

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