“Your Past Actions Will Catch Up with You” – Tracy Warns Youth Against Living Fake Lives


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Tracy Owusu Addo, wife of the renowned musician Sarkodie, has advised the youth to stay grounded and not be swayed by the glamorous lifestyles often showcased on social media.

She emphasized that many individuals project an image of luxury and extravagance online, yet their sources of wealth are dubious. Tracy pointed to recent news about someone facing repercussions for their past actions as a stark reminder.

In her message, she urged the youth to pursue genuine hard work for success instead of seeking shortcuts influenced by social media.

“There are people who show off a lavish lifestyle, with multiple cars, houses, and other luxuries, but eventually, what happens? Life is a process. You might enjoy the high life now, but if it’s built on deceit, you will eventually have to start over,” she said in a video shared on Instagram.

Although Tracy didn’t mention any names, many believe her comments could be referring to the embattled socialite Hajia4Real, who was recently sentenced to a year and a day in a U.S. prison for fraud-related offenses.

Source Kobbyjosvan.com
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