Money is a motivation in relationship – Counselor Charlotte Oduro


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Renowned marital therapist Charlotte Oduro highlights the critical role money plays in partnerships, claiming that having a stable financial situation is necessary to support and satisfy partners’ needs.

She asserts that having a stable financial situation is necessary in order to provide for one’s partners and meet their needs in order to improve the relationship and increase its chances of survival.

She pointed out that it would be risky for a relationship to last in the current regime if the man did not have enough money to support his partner.

In addition to their mutual affection, Charlotte Oduro emphasised in an interview with Okay FM that having money in a relationship makes one’s partner love him more.

Money is an essential component of love, so you can not eliminate it. In actuality, love ultimately results in financial gain. Sometimes, relationships involving no money do not work out.

“When you meet certain people, you fall in love with them, but when money is involved, it drives you further in the relationship,” the woman remarked.

Counsellor Charlotte Oduro further advised people to put love above money and other presents when they receive them from others who express interest in them.

“That is me; I have to love you before I can accept anything from you. She continued, “I believe that love should come before everything else.”

Conversations about matters of love have often turned to the subject of money in relationships.

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