Men Date Broke Ladies Because They Can Abuse & Control Them – Lydia Forson


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Ghanaian actress and businesswoman Lydia Forson has explained why most men are drawn to financially independent women.

In a recent tweet, the well-known feminist clarified that most men prefer to date jobless women who cannot support themselves.

Lydia emphasised that most men do not like financially independent women, despite what is commonly believed.

Their incapacity to rule or control them is the cause of this.

“Some men know EXACTLY what they’re doing when they pick young girls or those who don’t have to spend on. It’s about power and control. It’s why they get so aggressive when they can’t control them any longer. It’s also why they don’t like women who have their own money!! She wrote on X formerly known as Twitter.

Her remarks have caused a great deal of controversy on social media since then, with many people criticising her for being a feminist.

While some people agreed with her, others disputed her claims.

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