Men are crazy but we can’t do without them – Tiwa Savage


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Singer Tiwa Savage, a renowned Nigerian, claims that despite men’s “crazy” nature, women cannot survive without them.

The multi-award-winning singer said she enjoyed working with the “Duduke” crooner. She recently released a song called “Men Are Crazy,” a collaboration with Simi.

Speaking on MTV Live and as cited by the Daily Post in Nigeria, she called Simi “a queen in Afrobeats” and referred to their partnership as “magical.”

“My collaboration with Simi is titled ‘Men Are Crazy But I Still Want One In My Bed.’ The inspiration behind it is that men are crazy but we can’t do without them.

“Simi is somebody that I’ve always wanted to work with. She is a queen in Afrobeats so both of us coming together on such an amazing track is magical,” she said.

Men are sometimes perceived as eccentric, but Tiwa’s remarks resonate with the understanding of men’s vital role in women’s lives. She acknowledges the quirks of men while highlighting the fundamental interdependence of the sexes and the necessity of their relationship.

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