Make any argument, but do not criticise my abilities – Black Sherif


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Highlife/Hip Hop musician Black Sherif from Ghana stated that he is utterly confident in his abilities.

He said that while people are free to disagree on many points, his musical ability is unassailable in a recent interview with YouTuber Nubuke.

He remarked, “You know, they can fight with me about anything, but they never argue about my talent.”

Following his powerful acceptance speech at the 2023 BET Hip Hop Awards for the BET Best International Flow award, this conversation was sparked. Black Sherif disclosed during the speech, “I saw this in my sleep every night, and there was no way nobody was going to convince me that I would not be here.”

Unquestionably, Black Sherif has emerged as one of Africa’s biggest stars. The “Simmer Down” hitmaker recently headlined the AfroFuture festival in Ghana, where he delivered an unforgettable performance.


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