Lupita Nyong’o pens a love letter to Accra


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Lupita Nyong’o, a Hollywood actress, recently wrote a heartfelt letter dedicated to Accra, paying tribute to the hardworking women who live there.

Shared on her Instagram page, the video featured glimpses from her visit over a year ago, showcasing the numerous jobs and roles many women take up in the city.

Lupita Nyong’o spoke with bikers, fashion designers, food vendors, and factory workers among other women during her visit.

In her letter to “Glorious Accra,” she pointed out that honouring the city also meant honouring all of these women who were having a big influence in their respective industries.

According to Lupita Nyong’o, these women manage Accra with a resolute spirit of entrepreneurship.

She emphasised that the work they are doing now lays the groundwork for a bright future.

This homage comes after the actress noted on her Instagram page that she has travelled to several nations and cities, including Benin and Zanzibar in Tanzania.

Read her letter and watch the video below:

A Love Letter to Accra;
Glorious Accra, to celebrate you is to celebrate your fierce women, so many fierce women wherever I go.
They run this town with an entrepreneurial spirit, that is impossible to ignore.

Their impact is widespread. It feels as if everything you touch here has been influenced by women.
From the fashion to the factories to the flavours, the women of Accra are fueling the present for a vibrant future.
I love to see it. Go get it, ladies.

Source: Nasiba Yakubu


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