Court orders OSP to return seized assets to Cecilia Dapaah


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Ordered to return seized assets, OSP drops all cases against Cecilia Dapaah

The Special Prosecutor has withdrawn the request to validate the confiscation and freezing of Cecilia Dapaah’s funds and bank accounts.

A criminal trial against the former minister of sanitation for not declaring her assets has also been dropped by the office.

This decision was taken after a series of in-chamber hearings on the matter. The Special Prosecutor has been holding Cecilia Dapaah’s funds that were taken during a search of her home as part of the investigations for several months.

Additionally, the office froze a few of Cecilia Dapaah’s bank accounts because they were purportedly linked to corruption and acts associated with it.

There have been delays in Cecilia Dapaah’s attempts to move an application to confirm or deny the action with the OSP. Originally, as a result of a certiorari application on a decision to shorten the time for hearing the instant application and an appeal filed at the court of appeals on a previous ruling rejecting the first application to confirm the properties.

The judge overseeing the case was then required to request a leave of absence, and a new judge was chosen to take over.

After the initial hearing in public, the case has since been held in chambers. However, sources close to the legal teams disclosed that the Special Prosecutor’s office has chosen to drop the case against Cecilia Dapaah following a hearing in chambers on Thursday, January 25.

The Judge, according to sources cited by Citi News, has given the OSP 72 hours to return the properties to Cecilia Dappah; the reason for the withdrawal is yet unknown.

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