Don’t be faithful until you’re married – BBNaija star, Tacha advises ladies


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According to the BB Naija TV star, you have no business remaining faithful to a man you are not married to.

According to Natacha Anita Akide, better known by her stage name Tacha, the Big Brother Naija reality TV star, it is inappropriate for women to stay faithful to men they are not married to.

Speaking on the most recent episode of the Spill With Phyna podcast, Tacha advised women to put off thinking about fidelity until they are engaged or married, as there is no legally binding vow that requires faithfulness in a partnership.


She brashly declared that until a woman is legally married, she should be regarded as single and emphasised the necessity of a concrete commitment—a marriage or a ring—before making a faithful vow.

“You must be in a relationship and not commit to one another until you most likely receive a ring or get married, at which point you must take an oath. Which oath did you take to prove your faithfulness in a relationship? Tacha made the statement during the podcast, “You are single until you are married.”

Watch the video below.

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