“I am worthy of celebration; I do not need it” – Amandzeba


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According to Ghanaian Highlife musician Amandzeba, he is aware of the impact he has made, so he is not concerned about the lack of recognition and celebration for his work.

The seasoned Highlife musician, renowned for his heartfelt songs and enduring contributions to the Ghanaian music scene, emphasised the significance of pursuing one’s passion and finding personal fulfilment.

The crooner’s viewpoint refutes the widely held belief that recognition from others or public festivities are the only ways to measure success.

Regarding the influence his music has had, the “Kpalogo Y3de” hitmaker claimed that he feels honoured when people tell him they enjoy his music.

“People don’t necessarily have to celebrate you to know that you are doing well. I have had this conviction that I am celebrated when people tell me they love my music. I know I have done great songs and if people praise me for it, it is enough celebration.

“This is a country where Dr Kwame Nkrumah was overthrown after all he did for Ghana. Anything good that comes from this country will not be celebrated well so I take consolation from the fact that I am not doing music to be celebrated,” he said in an interview with Daily Graphic.

“So don’t feel bad as a musician that Ghana does not celebrate you. When you believe in yourself and the product you have, people will love you for it,” he added.

Amandzeba utilises One Ghana, a location on Spintex Road, to provide young artists with a platform to showcase their live performances and Highlife music.

Some of his songs, including Toffee, Aso, Medo, Kotosa, and Deeba, have won him multiple accolades from various organisations.

He said that because he performs traditional songs with a contemporary feel, he sees himself as the bridge that connects the living and the dead as well as the ancient and modern.

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