Drogba of YOLO fame battling ‘strange’ illness; cries for help


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Popular Ghanaian actor John Bredu Peasah, better known by his stage name Drogba, from the acclaimed YOLO series, has been diagnosed with a potentially fatal disease called demyelinating disease.

Drogba has reportedly been battling the illness for the previous 24 months.

News of his illness broke out on social media on March 8 after Ghanaian actor, Jeffrey Nortey shared a flyer calling for financial assistance for the actor’s medical treatment.

Drogba, also known as Blah Charles in the hit YOLO series, portrays a “lover boy” who will stop at nothing to win the woman of his dreams.

The 2016 season of the Ghanaian teen TV show YOLO debuted. This television show is a continuation of Things We Do for Love, a Ghanaian television series. Regarding the difficulties they encounter during their adolescent years, it counsels and guides the young people.

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