Blakk Rasta asserts Cook-a-thon attempt by Chef Faila is a “suicide mission”


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The media personality Blakk Rasta has expressed apprehension about Chef Faila’s continuous endeavour to surpass the Guinness World Record for the lengthiest culinary marathon.

Concerns regarding possible health risks related to Chef Faila’s cook-a-thon were voiced by Blakk Rasta. He vehemently disagreed with the notion that people should deprive themselves of enough sleep for an extended length of time, calling it a “suicide mission.” Using the occasion, he issued a warning against the growing nationwide trend of different types of marathons, such as sex-a-thons, stand-a-thons, and kiss-a-thons.

Blakk Rasta stressed the importance of putting one’s own wellbeing first in a video that Happyhome TV posted on their YouTube channel. He emphasised that it is dangerous to go without sleep for longer than three days and made it clear that he could not support such initiatives. Although he commended the participants’ efforts, he hoped they would think twice about the possible long-term effects on their health.

“They want to have a sex-a-thon in Ghana. Some wish to participate in a stand-a-thon. They spend five hours standing this way. No resting or doing anything for five hours. Another desire of some is to participate in a kiss-a-thon. That was a picture of Chef Faila in Tamale going about her business. Once more, even though we adore and value them, I will not support a suicide mission.

“I also believe that going more than three days without sleep is a suicide mission. That is not something I will endorse. Regarding you, I have no idea. I refer to it as a suicide mission, but you call it pushing the envelope. He prayed that they would not perish and would take a lesson that would benefit the entire country.

The Modern City Hotel in Tamale is the venue for Chef Faila’s cook-a-thon, which has already exceeded the 200-hour mark and is scheduled to last 240 hours in total.


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