Concerns regarding the revocation of the Convention 2024; Did they ultimately make use of the space? How much money is being refunded, and to whom?


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Following the cancellation of the Convention 2024 by the Office of the President, many would-be-attendees were upset and in uproar for the event scheduled for Sunday 7th January, 2024 at the Independence Square.

The reasoning behind the abrupt cancellation seems to be shrouded in mystery and confusion, given that the contradictory official statement was of a scheduled yet “unforeseen state event”.

It remains to be seen however; how the state event took place despite clear obstructions of the equipment that was mounted for the Convention 2024.

There is also the matter of permit revocation. The permit was revoked from the Black Star Line Festival by the office of the President and compensation awarded to them for their purchase amounting to GHS 10,000.

However, our source from the New Africa Foundation refutes this claim, confirming, alongside receipt evidence that the government gave The New Africa Foundation the license to use the venue from the 2nd to the 8th of January, 2024. This further complicates matters as it means that the government is either paying the wrong entity for the event cancellation or worse, giving license for use of the venue to two separate companies at the same time.

Moreover, the document shared by the NAF, stamped by The Office of the President shows a fee of GHS30,000 paid by the New Africa Foundation in November 2023, not by the Black Star Line. Did the press statement for the government not have access to this file? Was the event even canceled?

Total amount spent

According to The New Africa Foundation, they spent close to $250,000 on the event planning, setup and execution, a sunk cost they would not be able to recoup without seeking consequential legal recourse against the government for the abrupt cancellation.

Is this right for this to happen in a democracy?

There is a concern among many young people, present at the venue or online, that all these obfuscative tactics of subterfuge, create an impression of governmental suppression. In a year of great economic and financial turmoil in Ghana, the Convention pledged to ‘Ignite the voices of Africa’, offering a change in governance. Such incendiary language possibly caused what many see as an undemocratic suppression of the right to convene and associate, as well as the right to freedom of speech. Many responses following the cancellation of the Convention seem to insinuate that it was purposely sabotaged at the 11th hour due the Government’s fear of support for the messages being shared at this event.

Questions concerning the Ghana’s governance have arisen from the people, asking; Do we live in a democracy where people are allowed to convene and share a message of hope, or are we run by autocratic dictators, ready to stomp on anything with which they disagree.

What does the New Africa Foundation do (Mission)? 

The New Africa Foundation’s mission entails disseminating the narrative that Africans are not solely reliant on external aid; rather, they aim to underscore the paradigm shift wherein Africans are poised to contribute aid to the global community. New Africa epitomizes this transformative ethos. Recognizing the prevailing imagery of African children and nations perpetuated by the world—marked by destitution and hunger—the foundation endeavors to cultivate, motivate, and elevate emerging youth in Africa through diverse channels. They strive to facilitate their engagement in impactful modes of self-governance and the establishment of robust business ventures and entrepreneurial endeavors.

What was the convention for? 

The Convention, sponsored by the New Africa Foundation. This event was scheduled to take place on the 7th of January 2024 at the Kwame Nkrumah Independence Square, coinciding with Ghana’s inauguration day. This event was to encompass different facets of African excellence; including thought leaders and artists, all before an eclectic audience including every stratum, community and group that constitute the country, a microcosmic representation for the macrocosmic continent, to Ignite the Voices of Africa. The intention was to; give hope to the youth, encourage the leaders for their great efforts to the continent, and usher in a new, collaboratively-developed vision for the future of Africa’s self-governance.

This event was to be a monumental and historic display of Africa’s ability to join forces and charter a course for a better future.



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