YOLO star Drogba’s sister details about the actor’s health status


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Hannah Mensah, the sister of popular Ghanaian celebrated YOLO TV series star Drogba, discloses her brother’s current state of health.

On March 8, 2023, actor Jeffrey Nortey, Drogba’s colleague, revealed to the public the news of his health condition, which was determined to be demyelination.

When the layer of protection surrounding nerves is damaged, it can lead to demyelination, which can cause issues.

Speaking on Hitz FM yesterday, Drogba’s sister disclosed that her brother have not been well since the last season of YOLO and have been visiting the hospital once every week.

“I think in his last season, if you can remember, he was not performing like he used to do in the previous season, he tried to act but could not. So, he has been in the house.

“Right now, we are in the hospital because of his eyes; he is having double vision with the right eye, and he’s having pain with it. We come once every week for treatment and medications prescribed.

“Last week, we came for the extraction of the fluid from his spine. And that is why we are waiting for the result. They said they have to take the test outside for more inquiries before we have the results out,” she stated.

She also mentioned that she is not as strong as her brother and that she occasionally needs assistance from others to get through life’s tasks.

Source: Kobbyjosvan.com/Emmanuel Akangwanati Awombanoa

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