Watch: Shatta Wale’s phenomenal performance at the All African Games opening ceremony


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It was quite the spectacle to see Shatta Wale perform at the All African Games 2023 opening ceremony. Fans were taken aback by the Dancehall King’s outfit, which defied expectations with a colourful kente cloth ensemble that resembled the regalia of a traditional Ghanaian king.

His celebrated talent as the “African Dancehall King” was brought to life as he walked the stage with riveting renditions of his hit songs.

Shatta Wale enthralled the audience at the Legon Stadium with his commanding presence and contagious energy, despite the fact that his set was shorter than his typical intense concerts. The Ghanaian superstar’s performance on such a prominent continental platform thrilled the audience.

A source of pride for the country, Shatta Wale’s performance cemented his position as a cultural icon and a global representative of Ghanaian music. His performance at the All African Games 2023 proved why he is rightfully known as the “African Dancehall King,” as both fans and onlookers were in awe of his talent and charisma.

Also, the legendary Highlife performers Pat Thomas and Ebo Taylor, along with Afrobeats musician King Promise, put on amazing performances in the interim. The guest performer to grace the occasion was Kamo Mphela, a South African.

It was an evening that showcased the exquisite African culture via artistic and musical performances.

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