Tiwaa not my wife, Yaw Sarpong: Kumchacha blasts Afia Schwar + Afua Asantewaa GWR Reattempt


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In a recent development, renowned Ghanaian gospel musician Yaw Sarpong has firmly denied rumors circulating about his marital status. The speculation suggested that Tiwaa, a woman frequently seen with him, was his wife. Sarpong has come forward to address these rumors, categorically stating, “Tiwaa is not my wife.” This clarification aims to put an end to the misinformation and set the record straight about his personal life.

Kumchacha Criticizes Afia Schwarzenegger

In other news, popular Ghanaian pastor and media personality, Kumchacha, has openly criticized Afia Schwarzenegger, a controversial figure in Ghana’s entertainment industry. Kumchacha’s remarks come in response to recent actions and statements made by Afia Schwar, which he found objectionable. Known for his candid and often blunt commentary, Kumchacha did not hold back in his criticism, sparking a fresh wave of discussion among their followers and the general public.

Afua Asantewaa’s New Attempt at Guinness World Record

Meanwhile, Afua Asantewaa is back in the spotlight as she prepares for another attempt at setting a Guinness World Record. Asantewaa, who has previously made headlines with her ambitious efforts, is determined to achieve this significant milestone. Her upcoming attempt is generating buzz and excitement, as supporters rally behind her in hopes that this time she will succeed in securing her place in the record books.


These stories highlight the dynamic nature of Ghanaian media and public life, where personalities from different spheres—music, religion, and entertainment—continue to captivate audiences with their actions and statements. As Yaw Sarpong clears the air about his personal life, Kumchacha engages in a public spat with Afia Schwarzenegger, and Afua Asantewaa gears up for a record-breaking feat, it is clear that the public will be closely watching their next moves. Stay tuned for further updates on these ongoing stories.

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