Sista Afia explains why she shows her ‘boobs’ in her outfits


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Ghanaian singer Sista Afia has given an explanation for her constant choice to dress in cleavage-baring apparel.

During an interview with Hitz FM on June 6, 2024, the hitmaker known as “Slay Queen” clarified that her decision was calculated to make her feel comfortable rather than purposeful.

Sista Afia claimed that due to her body type and the size of her breasts, she perspires a lot, particularly in the area surrounding her breasts.

She always wears loose clothing because, according to her, this situation requires more airflow.

She clarified that she opted to wear cool, comfy clothing, especially in a warm place like Ghana.

“I need fresh air. I don’t have baby boobs, I have grown-up boobs so it’s not intentional. I sweat a lot in that area. So I need fresh air to circulate through there,” she said.

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