Respect DJs, they can make and unmake you – Mark Okraku Mantey to musicians

Mark Okraku advise Ghanaian DJs


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The Deputy Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Mark Okraku Mantey, is urging musicians to build a good relationship with DJs, since they play a crucial role in their journey to stardom by making their songs popular by playing it always.

The minister warned that a lack of respect or strained relations with DJs could jeopardise artistes chances of making it big in the competitive music industry.

Drawing attention to the sentiments expressed by DJs who feel undervalued and disrespected by artistes after playing a pivotal role in promoting musician, Mr Okraku Mantey said that narrative should change, calling  for mutual respect, emphasising that both parties should understand and appreciate their respective roles in the music ecosystem.

The minister made this call during a recent stakeholder engagement organised by the Ministry of Information which aimed to gather insights from creatives and other players in the creative space for the promotion of the #playghana initiative.

During his address, the minister stated, “Performers, you need the DJs; respect them. You can’t get to where you want to be if you don’t respect them.

“To the DJs, I know some of your challenges…you say the artistes don’t respect you. .you make them stars and they ignore you afterwards. For the sake of Ghana, please let sleeping dogs lie”

Mr Okraku Mantey also called on all stakeholders in the music industry to unite in promoting the #playghana initiative.

He urged churches, Gospel radio and TV programs, and presenters to be intentional about featuring Ghanaian content, emphasising the need for a collective effort to give local music the recognition and promotion it deserves.

#playghana Initiative

The #playghana initiative being championed by key institutions including the Ministry of Information, Ministry of Arts and Tourism, Ghana Folkloric Board, seasoned and emerging music talents, DJs among others, advocates for the promotion of Ghanaian music.



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