‘I’ve Protected You Before’ – ‘Gay’ MP Begs Angel Maxine In Viral Video


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Angel Maxine, a prominent LGBTQ+ activist and transgender individual, has stirred controversy by leaking an alleged audio recording where an unidentified alleged Member of Parliament (MP) purportedly pleads to avoid being exposed.

A circulating on the Internet has a voice that is believed to be an unnamed member of parliament, a Ghanaian lawmaker has triggered a lot of conversations.

According to the alleged lawmaker, he has once protected angel Maxine and it wouldn’t be fair for her to disclose his stands for the LGBTQ+ family thus being part of the gay community.


Angel Maxine recently made it clear that she intends to expose Ghanaian politicians engaged in LGBTQ+ activities if the anti-LGBTQ+ bill is approved.

This comes after the Speaker of Parliament, Alban S.K. Bagbin, confirmed that the bill will be passed before the Christmas break. In a video shared on Instagram, Angel Maxine highlighted the shortcomings of certain parliamentarians who are advocating for the bill’s passage.

She emphasized that she possesses a comprehensive list of MPs involved in LGBTQ+ activities, which she will disclose if the bill is successfully passed. Angel Maxine criticized these MPs for neglecting their constituents while prioritizing the criminalization of LGBTQ+ activities in Ghana.

“President Nana Akufo-Addo, check the Jubilee House well if there are no LGBTQ+ people working there. All you these so-called politicians, you drive your cars, go and park at Labone secondary school, PRESEC, UPS and your pimps will arrange the boys and bring them to you.

They are peoples kids, yet their parents are on social media attacking queer people. Do you think we don’t know? People you have abused, people you have molested, people who are hurt, everything is on this paper and they’re ready to talk,” she alleged.

“Pass the bill and I will show you your MPs who are LGBTQ+. You think I have not seen gay politicians? All the MPs who have been texting people to get them boys to sleep with. All of the politicians who have been begging pimps to hook them up with boys.

All your chats and conversations are here (points to a pile of documents). Pass the bill and I will expose your family members and children who are queer people. All those queer celebrities, also cannot speak for themselves,” she added.

“LGBTQ society in Ghana what are you doing, always writing proposals. Proposals for what? This is the time to come out and fight. Don’t sit behind phones and tweet and text. This is why you receive funds from the donors. Come out and fight the community and not hide,” she added.”

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