Prophet Kofi Oduro Criticizes Valuing Foreign Passports Over PhDs


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Prophet Kofi Oduro, the head pastor of Alabaster International Ministries, has voiced his strong opposition to comparing the value of foreign passports with that of a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

The outspoken preacher condemned the ongoing social media debate, which questions whether a PhD is more valuable than a foreign passport. He called such discussions absurd, particularly when others are investing their time in creating innovations for the betterment of humanity.

Addressing his congregation, Prophet Oduro denounced the debate over passports and PhDs as “nonsense.”

“Does owning a Dutch passport mean education is no longer necessary? This diminishes the value of education. While people are making strides in fields like artificial intelligence, we’re here talking nonsense,” he said.

He emphasized that these debates are fundamentally flawed, offering no value in death and being irrelevant to one’s salvation.

“What significance does an American or British passport hold? It’s all vanity, and I don’t care about your opinion. When Ebony passed away, she didn’t take her visa-filled passport with her. I’ve lived overseas and know how things truly are. There are opportunities, but it’s not as easy as it seems,” he expressed.

The controversy originated with Kofi Gabs, a Ghanaian cleaner residing in the Netherlands, also known as Mr. Happiness. He argued that a Dutch passport is more advantageous than a PhD from Ghana. His remarks, made upon receiving Dutch citizenship and a passport, have sparked widespread discussion online.

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