Police file injunction against Yvonne Nelson’s #DumsorMustStop protest


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The Ghana Police Service has requested an injunction from the High Court to prevent actress Yvonne Nelson from carrying out her scheduled vigil, known as the “#DumsorMustStop,” in protest of the inconsistent power supply.

This action was taken a few days after the protest organisers were advised by the Accra Regional Police Command to think about relocating the event.

The demonstration is scheduled for Saturday, May 25, 2024. The actress alleges that the periodic blackout, or “dumsor,” that occurs in the area is having a negative effect on her business.

In 2015, the actress led a demonstration along these lines.

In accordance with the law, Yvonne Nelson and her group met with the Ghana Police Service a few days ago to inform them of the planned protest.

Following the meeting, the police objected to the Yvonne Nelson’s team’s suggested route, arguing that Revolution Square, the intended destination, is near the Jubilee House, a security area.

The police expressed apprehension regarding the plan to conclude the demonstration at midnight.

On the other hand, protest organisers disagreed, stating that there were no problems with the protest’s end time and that the endpoint was far from the Jubilee House.

In compliance with the Public Order Act, the police have immediately filed an application to end the protest.

A hearing in this case has been set for May 24, 2024.

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