Our goal is to win souls; not winning VGMA – Daughters of Glorious Jesus


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The well-known all-female gospel group Daughters of Glorious Jesus has revealed that they have never entered the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA).

Speaking in an interview on Joy Prime’s Prime Morning, they stated that their main objective as gospel ministers is still to change people’s lives by using music to preach God’s word. Winning awards is not their ultimate goal.

Our primary goal is to win hearts rather than accolades, so we have no interest in selecting candidates for the VGMA. We do not want to get sidetracked or stray from our special calling,” they stated.

Additionally, they stated that even though they will not be buying forms to complete, they will still go to the event if they are nominated.

The sisters disclosed that they had been receiving honours from various award programmes across the globe without submitting nominations.

“If you want to do it for us, just go ahead and pick it; we’re ok,” they said.

The trio went on to say that they are motivated by accounts of how their songs have changed people’s lives.

They related the story of how their song “Nea Yehu Yi” saved a man who was pronounced dead because doctors were unable to determine the nature of his illness.

He claimed to have been looking for us for the past two years but was unsure of where to look.

According to him, “he was sick at Korle Bu, and the doctors declared him dead. They failed to notice the kind of illness he was afflicted with, so he returned home. When he got home, he put his radio on a particular station, and they were playing one of our songs, “Nea Yehu Yi.”

“He listened to the song, and after the DJ gave directions on where to get the CD, he sent someone to buy one for him. He repeated the song to himself at home for 2 weeks, and all he saw was himself being healed,” Cynthia, their lead singer, narrated.

According to them, such testimonials inspire them to carry out more deeds that honour the Lord.

The musical group has developed musicians, and they remain accessible and eager to instruct additional individuals in the gospel ministry.

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