Norwegian embassy collaborates with Kobby Kyei to construct Zebra Crossing at Sowutuom (Photos)


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A zebra crossing has been built for the people of Sowutuom by Ghanaian blogger and media personality Augustus Koranteng Kyei, also known as Kobby Kyei, with assistance from the Norwegian ambassador, Ingrid Mollestad.

This follows his advocacy of the Respect Zebra Crossing Campaign last year, which brought attention to the carelessness of drivers who ignore zebra crossings.

The newly constructed zebra crossing will benefit the local population, particularly the Mizpah-D Academy students who are victims of careless drivers.

According to Kobby Kyei, he launched the campaign after observing that one of the most disregarded traffic laws is the zebra crossing. He added that after doing his survey, he discovered that violating the zebra crossing law by drivers was one of the main reasons why people died on the roads.

“I drive, and whenever I drive, I see how elderly people and children struggle to cross the street, particularly when they are at the zebra crossing. That is when I realised I had to take the lead in promoting this road safety initiative. Drivers who disregard zebra crossings are the main cause of traffic fatalities. So, I want to make a change.” he said.

Since the campaign began, many drivers have complied with traffic laws, according to the blogger.

Recently, a friend told me that while he was driving, he saw that the driver stopped at each zebra crossing. When he asked why he was stopping at every zebra crossing, he replied, “Have not you heard about Kobby Kyei’s Respect Zebra Crossing campaign? That is the impact we are fighting for,” he continued.

Her Excellency Ingrid Mollestad, Norway’s Ambassador to Ghana also shared a lovely time with the kids of Mizpah-D Academy where the new zebra crossing was constructed. She educated them about road safety and how to use the zebra crossing properly when crossing.

Her Excellency Ingrid Mollestad believes road safety in the nation can improve in Ghana, so she supports the little way she can.

It is safe to say that road safety in Ghana can be enhanced, which is why I am thrilled to support Kobby Kyei and his Respect Zebra Crossing project. I feel fortunate and content to be here with the Mizpah-D Academy children. She clarified, “We inaugurated the new zebra crossing and talked about road safety.”

The following public figures have backed Kobby Kyei’s Respect Zebra Crossing campaign: Her Excellency Italian ambassador Daniela d’Orlandi, Nana Ama McBrown, TV personality and actress, Wode Maya, Kwadwo Sheldon, media personalities Anita Akua Akuffo (TV3), Kofi Adomah Nwanwani (Kofi Tv), French diplomat Anne Sophie Ave, Ms. Selorm Magdalene Gadah (Winner of Ghana’s Most Beautiful, 2023), Dwannwdickson (USA, entrepreneur), and Karen Hendrickson (CEO, Rabito Clinic).

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