“Nobody knows what I’m going through” – Kofi Jamar opens about his musical break


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A mysterious message that Ghanaian rapper Kofi Jamar posted on social media platform X has piqued fans’ interest.

The “Ekorso” hitmaker talked about his protracted break from new music releases, blaming it on personal issues that have kept him away for more than a year and a half. He openly stated, “Have not dropped music in almost a year and a half,” in a heartfelt post. (No one knows what I am going through) But I suppose I am just so accustomed to being unnoticed.

Jamar’s tweet has raised questions about the rapper’s well-being and the direction of his music career among fans and followers. His confession illuminates the obstacles that affect artists’ creative processes and throws light on the frequently unseen struggles they face behind the scenes. Notably, this is the first post about artists going through personal struggles; rapper Yaw Tog shared one similar post not long ago.

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