Highlife singer Kisa Kdei performs in a private jet


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Multi-award-winning musician Bisa Kdei is having a significant influence on both the luxury travel and music industries.

Surprisingly, Bisa Kdei has been seen on private jets, making him the one of Ghanaian musicians who is currently recognised for these kind of lavish trips.

Social media users began sharing videos of Bisa Kdei’s extravagant lifestyle after he was spotted flying around the country in a private jet.
With a performance in Equatorial Guinea last weekend, Bisa Kdei’s Private Jet journey reached a new height.

The musician decided to take a private jet with his whole live band, including Grammy winner Joshua, rather than taking the usual commercial flight in order to perform.
Flying his entire live band on a private jet is a testament to Bisa Kdei’s dedication to giving his fans and music lovers a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experience, which further solidifies his reputation as a trendsetter.

Choosing to travel by private jet also says a lot about Bisa K’deis achievements, notoriety, and success throughout the world because these vehicles are typically linked to exclusivity and luxury, meant for a select few.

The “Mansa” hitmaker’s penchant for private planes may seem like an unnecessary expense to some, but to others, it may be a business strategy to build his brand and improve the image of Ghanaian musicians abroad.

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