Most American gospel artistes are gay – Sonnie Badu boldly asserts


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A significant number of American gospel musicians identify as LGBT+, according to Ghanaian gospel musician and pastor Sonnie Badu.

Sonnie Badu, the lead pastor of Atlanta’s Rockhill Church, revealed this information in an interview with Accra FM. According to him, more than 78% of American gospel musicians and preachers identify as LGBT+.

“In America, about 78% of gospel musicians there are gay; most of these popular musicians that we play their songs on our airwaves and in our churches are into LGBT activities. If you get to know them you won’t play their songs again. Even some of the bishops that we follow and listen to are involved in LGBT activities,” he said.

He said that a fellow gospel musician had once cautioned him against getting involved in such affairs.

“One of the gospel musicians even warned me to mind my business when I see the things they’re involved in because they know I am conservative,” he said.

Sonnie Badu also expressed his worries about the impact of the LGBT+ movement, claiming that it is visible in the media, in the classroom, and in the entertainment industry, among other spheres of society.

He continued by saying that seemingly innocent cartoons can convey subtle messages, which is why he forbade the viewing of such material in his home.

“This LGBT+ agenda is not just in Ghana, it’s everywhere, it’s in many countries, in their books, schools, cartoons, etc.

Personally, in my house, my children don’t watch cartoons again. These innocent cartoons are now subtly sending messages to our children. It’s disturbing as a parent,” he said.

The anti-LGBT+ Bill, which was approved by parliament on February 28, 2024, is still awaiting ratification by the president.

The Bill intends to criminalise the practice of or advocacy for LGBT+ causes, with potential sentences for prosecutors ranging from three to five years.

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