Many women do not love the lives they lead – Moesha Buduong (Video)

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Moesha Bodoung, an actress and socialite, claims that most attractive women who are not married to wealthy men do not feel good about themselves.

Moesha has long faced harsh criticism on social media for her extravagant lifestyle. Netizens have questioned her source of income.

She says that even though these people seem happy with their activities outside, when they go into their closets, they are really thinking about them.

Sexy Moesha Bodoung

According to Moesha Boduong, people are free to behave however they please, but the reality of ruining someone else’s partner never goes away.

“So many women are not happy being mistresses, side chics or concubines to wealthy men, so if God has touched me and is changing my story, may God change everyone’s story because, deep down, many women don’t like the lives they are living.

We pretend whatever Moesha said is not happening, but it’s happening, and we are all not happy and proud about it, but I got the courage to share my story, and through that, God listened to me and said, My daughter, I’m going to use you to change the world,” she said on TV3.

Watch the video below;

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