King Promise pays fans medical bills, tuition fees


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Award-winning Ghanaian musician Gregory Bortey Newman, better known by his stage name King Promise, showed his fans kindness by lending a supportive hand.

The well-known musician provided financial support to a few of his fans over the weekend by paying for their urgent needs, tuition, and medical bills.

In an effort to help, the singer of “Terminator” asked his fans to share their urgent concerns with him on X, a platform that was formerly known as Twitter, on Saturday.

He humorously referenced his song lyrics, stating, “I know I said ‘I get matter for my head’ on Paris, but which matter you get for your head too? Tell me, make I see how we fit solve am.”

In response to his plea, fans flooded the comments section with their needs, and the singer complied by offering help where he could.

This act of generosity demonstrates King Promise’s commitment to helping the underprivileged and giving back to his community. His willingness to use his position and resources to better the lives of his followers speaks much about his morality and integrity.

In a world where celebrities are often scrutinised for living extravagant lives, King Promise’s gesture stands out as a welcome reminder of the value of humility and empathy. Helping his fans in their hour of need not only relieves their financial hardships but also fosters a sense of gratitude and community among them.

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