Instagram and Facebook down, Here’s why?


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Individuals attempting to access Facebook discovered that their accounts were locked, and following widespread outages on Tuesday afternoon, features on Instagram ceased to function properly.

Users of Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, and Threads experienced numerous issues on Tuesday afternoon, including account lockouts and improper page loads. 

Just before 3 p.m., Facebook outages were reported on Down Detector, with over 300,000 issues recorded.

The website, which compiles status reports from various sources, including users, also reported more than 25,000 Instagram outages.

Some users were unable to log in due to Facebook issues, while others were logged out and unable to access their accounts or reset their passwords.

Meanwhile, Instagram users struggled to load timelines, stories and comments.

According to their parent company, Meta, the social media platforms were back up and running by six o’clock.

The issues did not seem to affect Meta’s other company, WhatsApp.

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According to London-based Netblocks, an internet monitoring company, the four Meta platforms encountered login problems in “multiple countries” on X formerly twitter.

However, the organisation, which supports unrestricted access to the internet, claimed that there was no indication of “country-level internet disruptions or filtering,” which are generally enforced by governments.

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