“I have taken £80,000 to perform at Medikal’s concert” – DJ Azonto asserts


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Ghanaian musician and disc jockey Mark Kwesi Arthur, better known by his stage name DJ Azonto, has revealed that he will be taking part in Medikal’s upcoming London show.

According to the singer of “Fa no fom,” the rapper has already partially compensated him for coming to his upcoming show at London’s O2 Arena.

DJ Azonto revealed that he has been billed as one of the performers for the show and has already received a staggering amount of £80,000 as part payment for his performance in an exclusive interview with Dr. Prekese on Onua FM’s Efie Ne Fie.

He continued by saying that the remaining £20,000 will be paid following his performance at the show, as £100,000 was the agreed-upon payment amount.

“Can Medikal have the show without me? Have you seen any father who eats and does not feed his sons? I have received pounds from Medikal, you will see me live in London. Medikal has paid and billed me.

“I’m taking £100,000, he has already paid me £80,000 [after performance then I take the £20,000],” he said.

Medikal’s highly anticipated show at the esteemed O2 Arena is scheduled for May 3. The rapper has been gaining momentum for his concert and drawing attention since March.

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