I have never slept with a rich man or a ‘sakawa’ boy for money – Wendy Shay asserts boldly


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Award-winning Ghanaian musician Wendy Asiamah Addo, better known by her stage name Wendy Shay, has taken to social media to clarify misconceptions and give her personal and professional lives the benefit of the doubt.

The “Survivor” singer angrily refuted accusations and claims in a video that Ameyaw Debrah Media saw, stating that she does not date wealthy people or “Sakawa boys” in order to make money.

She claims that she does not consider sleeping with wealthy men in order to increase her income and live a luxurious lifestyle unless she is in dire need. Wendy continued by saying that social media does not easily influence her to act in such a way.

“I think it’s high time I addressed some issues because I’m not happy. I am satisfied with the income I generate from music, be it 5,000 cedis or 100,000 cedis. I am not a greedy kind of person, nor do I allow myself to be pressured. By God’s grace, I can afford a Range Rover today, so I understand the principle of building on what you have,” she sa

The RuffTown Records signee went on to challenge anyone who doubted her to provide evidence to support their claims. She went on to say that she could never find herself in a situation like that and distanced herself from any relationships with sakawa guys or sugar daddies.

“I am not the kind of girl you can link me to a big man or Sakawa boy; I don’t do that. Any rich man who claims to have had sex with me for money should come out and make it public. Some individuals are fabricating stories like this and people are also believing it,” she added.

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