Ghana’s Endurance Grand to participate in the Culture Dance Clash Festival in Germany


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As Ghanaians, dance has always been a significant aspect of our culture, and in the current era, it has emerged as a major force in contemporary music. When talking about dance, it is impossible to ignore Endurance Grand, a member of the esteemed DWP Academy. She will thus undoubtedly represent the nation in Berlin, Germany in 2024 at the esteemed Culture Dance Clash Festival, which is organised by the German organisation.

Europe’s biggest dance festival dedicated to Black dance cultures is called Culture Dance Festival. The festival, which was started with the theme “Rooted Fruits,” is set to celebrate its tenth anniversary this year. Prince Ofori, the current Director and Head of Curation, and Margarita Bönning-Ofori, the current Head of Production, founded the event. The Centre for Dance and Culture (CDC) was founded in 2014, and since then, it has fulfilled its mission to acknowledge dance culture as an essential component of society and to highlight the significance of understanding Black dance cultures’ historical roots. The festival is slated for May 15–20 this year, and it will include workshops, classes, and—most importantly—the Culture Dance Clash battles!.

This year’s festival will feature speakers and judges including Ghana’s Endurance. Alongside professional dancer and choreographer Craig Black Eagle, she is scheduled to host an Afropop workshop and participate in a hotly contested dance battle panel.

Endurance Grand

Endurance Grand is an accomplished dancer and choreographer who has become well-known both domestically and abroad for her exuberant dance routines and contagious smiles. A number of the dances she has choreographed have become international and domestic household staples. Endurance will assess performances from diverse dance groups as a judge, drawing on her extensive experience and cultural knowledge. She is undoubtedly the ideal candidate for the position given her sharp eye and in-depth knowledge of dance traditions.

In addition, Endurance Grand will lead lively discussions on Afropop and its distinctive dance styles with festival goers at the Afropop workshop, sharing her priceless knowledge and experiences. Her speaking engagement will also offer a priceless chance for cross-cultural communication and learning between audience members and other speakers.

Endurance Grand’s inclusion in this esteemed festival is evidence of her immense influence and contribution to society as a choreographer and dancer. It also emphasises the festival’s dedication to using dance, a universal language, to promote cross-cultural understanding by showcasing various cultural viewpoints.

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