Eva Newlove ascends to the position of Awo Yaa Manubea I, Kyekyewere’s new Mawerehemaa


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As of April 5, Eva Newlove, the reigning goodwill ambassador for the UN Association Commission for Women and Children, will take on the role of Mawerehemaa of Kyekyewere and go by the stool name Awo Yaa Manubea I.

In a beautiful demonstration of cultural solidarity and legacy, the people of Kyekyewere united to celebrate the birth of Awo Yaa Manubea I, their new Mawerehemaa. The extravagant event took place within the grounds of the kingdom’s royal palace, with the king, elders, council members, as well as family and friends, present.

The rightful recognition of Awo Yaa Manubea I was bestowed upon her in the presence of His Royal Highness Barima Okunini Gyebi Kwame Ababio II and his council of advisors. She took an oath to carry out her assigned royal and traditional duties during the ceremony, ushering in a momentous leadership role that will preserve and build upon the long-standing heritage of the Kingdom of Kyekyewere.

Following her enstoolment, Awo Yaa Manubea I expressed her appreciation using her social media pages, “Gratitude and humility define my heart as I express my deepest thanks to God and my ancestors for this incredible favor. To my esteemed elders and council of Kyekyewere, my family, my in-laws, my amazing husband, also my friends… your unwavering belief humbles me.”

“I am honored to be the newly enstooled Mawerehemaa of Kyekyewere, Awo Yaa Manubea l. I pledge to fulfill my duties with dignity, respect and wisdom, seeking divine guidance throughout my reign. May God’s light illuminate my path always.”

Even before she attained one of the most significant roles in the Kingdom of Kyekyewere, Awo Yaa Manubea I was a woman of distinction. Her professional background includes modelling, housing management, public relations, and business management. She is a multi-talented individual. Eva Newlove, her former name, has served as a Ghanaian Goodwill Ambassador to the United Nations Association Commission for Women and Children (UNA-CWCA) since 2022. Following this accolade, she received an honorary award from the Women Worship Gospel Music Awards United Kingdom, where she resides, for “Best TV/Online Presenter.”

Awo Yaa Manubea I is a strong advocate for practical social solutions in addition to her many achievements, which include earning a Bachelor of Business Management from the University of Plymouth. Her unwavering dedication to advancing the well-being of individuals from various backgrounds has earned her the title of Social Entrepreneur. As a plus-size model on the runway, she proudly embodies body positivity and self-acceptance, values she has acquired along the way. Having come from her humble beginnings as the host of the Besstel Foundation’s The Well-being Show, which was supported by NHS South London & Maudsley and The National Lottery Community Fund, Awo Yaa Manubea I is ready to fully serve the Kingdom of Kyekyewere.

About the Kingdom of Kyekyewere

The beautiful town of Kyekyewere is located in Ghana’s Eastern Region, in between verdant forests and undulating hills. It is ruled by the wise and compassionate monarch Barima Okunini Gyebi Kwame Ababio II.

The kingdom has continued to prosper under his rule. The political and cultural hub, Kyekyewere Township, is one of its eight communities. The other communities are Mensahkrom, Aziaka, Hwereso, Bungalow, and Bonkua. The town is located halfway between Nsawam and Suhum. It is renowned for having an abundance of produce, including plantains, cocoyams, yams, coconut, oranges, watermelon, pineapple, green pepper, tomatoes, carrots, cocoa, and garden eggs.”

Credit: AmeyawDebrah

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