Chris Attoh advises aspiring actors to ‘focus on your craft and stop chasing fame’


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Renowned Ghanaian actor and director Chris Attoh has counselled aspiring actors to put their craft above their desire for notoriety.

Many young actors, the well-known actor claims, are eager to gain notoriety in the film industry at the expense of their commitment to their craft.

The Hollywood star, who has also starred in films like “The Rangers” and “Zombie Ted,” warned against chasing fame too soon, saying that real industry recognition comes from mastering one’s craft. The star of Tinsel spoke in a recent interview with Graphic Showbiz.

“What I can tell the upcoming talents in our industry is to focus on getting to know the industry and what it takes to make one an actor of great calibre. Don’t chase after fame; it will rather chase you when you properly master the industry.

Let us acknowledge that genuine passion for one’s craft, hard work, and dedication are the cornerstones of true success in the entertainment industry,” he stated.

Chris is a television presenter, producer, director, and actor from throughout the world. His career encompasses theatre, film, and television in the US, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, and London.

He is well-known for his roles in films such as Somniphobia, Remidial, The Perfect Picture – 10 years later, Happiness is a Four-Letter Word, An Accidental Zombie Named Ted, and M T V Shuga, as well as his roles as a series lead and regular in television shows like “Lace” and “A House Divided” on ALLBLK.

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