Ama Governor to finally be called to the Bar


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The authorization to apply for a bar call for 2024 has been given to the popular Ghanaian social media personality and YouTuber Elorm Ama Governor-Ababio, commonly referred to as Ama Governor online.

The announcement is a significant turning point for Ababio, who has had a difficult two years due to the Ghana Legal Council’s decision to call her to the bar.

However, based on a list made public by the Director of the Ghana School of Law, Ama Governor is one of the 181 candidates who have been qualified for this prestigious legal ceremony, according to

The General Legal Council has the authority to amend the list if it finds any inconsistencies.

Ama Governor’s application to the bar was turned down in November 2022 as a result of a complaint made by a “concerned citizen.”

Ama Governor was accused of acting in a way that was “unbecoming of an applicant to be called to bar” in the complaint.

The Legal Council decided to halt her call to the bar as a result of the complaint.

The decision sparked heated discussions about the behaviour of Ghanaian law students as well as large-scale reactions on and off social media.

Ama Governor stated that she was subjected to unfair treatment and denied the accusations of misconduct made against her.

Ama Governor’s second denial of a call to the bar in 2023 sparked reactions.

Her admission to the bar was approved in November 2023.

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