Yvonne Nelson calls for vigil to protest “Dumsor”


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Actress and renowned producer from Ghana, Yvonne Nelson, has announced that she intends to organise another vigil in the country.

For about some months, Ghana has been suffering from ongoing power outages. The brief outages at first gave customers hope that power would be restored in less than five minutes, but it later turned out that this was just a test to see what the ECG’s “timetable” for power outages would entail.

The Electricity Company has been requested to share a load-shedding schedule in order to assist customers in planning their lives.

In response, Mathew Opoku Prempeh, the sector minister, called it “disrespectful,” “unfortunate,” and “unexpected,” and he added that if people needed a timeline to be published, they should bring their own.

In 2015, Yvonne and IMANI Ghana organised a massive protest against the John Mahama administration due to power outages, and a number of celebrities joined them.

Yvonne Nelson, however, urged Imani Ghana to organise a larger vigil against the Akufo-Addo government in a post on X.

Celebrated Ghanaian actress says she has been waiting for Imani Ghana to get in touch the way they did years ago.

“Imani Ghana, can we organize another vigil? I’ve been waiting for you to reach out like you did years back. ( your team made our demo a success ) I’m reaching out myself. The NPP and its leadership

@NAkufoAddo have taken Ghanaians for granted. #DUMSORMUSTSTOP” She said

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