Wiyaala, an African phenomenal music icon


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Born Noella Wiyaala Nwadei is Ghanaian talented and multiple award winning Afro-pop singer-songwriter. Her unique style and powerful vocals have earned her recognition.

Wiyaala’s music deftly blends traditional African sounds with contemporary elements. Her captivating stage presence and powerful voice bring her songs to life. By combining elements of reggae, soul, Afro-pop, and highlife, she creates a unique and seductive sound with her music. Her songs usually talk about empowerment, love, and cultural pride. Listening to her music is like taking a vibrant musical journey through Ghana and beyond!

Wiyaala, the Lioness 🦁👑

Throughout her career, she has worked with other incredible musicians. She has collaborated with musicians both Ghana and abroad, spanning a variety of styles and backgrounds. Her notable collaborations include the songs “This Is Who I Am” and “Rock My Body” with Ghanaian artist Jupitar and British DJ and producer DJ S.K.T. Her partnerships result in a distinctive fusion of different musical genres.

Her songs are recognized globally. She has several hit songs, including “Africa,” “Make Me Dance,” “Tinambanyi,” and “Rock My Body.” These songs highlight her extraordinary vocal range, contagious energy, and distinctive fusion of musical genres.

Awards & Recognition

She has received recognition for her extraordinary talent. In addition to many other honours, she has won multiple awards, including the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards for “Best Female Vocal Performance and Best Traditional Vocal Performance,” the Glitz Style Awards for “Best Individual Style,” the Ghana Music Awards UK for “Best International Touring Act,” and the All Africa Music Awards for “Most Promising Act In Africa.”

She is also involved in the fight against child marriage, poor child health and sanitation, and child poverty through UNICEF Ghana and the Ministry of Gender, Children, and Social Projection.

Her music continues to inspire people all around the world and has touched many hearts.

Wiyaala has had a significant impact on Ghana’s music scene. Audiences in Ghana and beyond have been enthralled by her distinct style and captivating vocals. Her music has inspired and empowered many, in addition to drawing attention to traditional African sounds. Due to Wiyaala’s success, other Ghanaian musicians are now able to embrace their cultural background and produce music that appeals to listeners throughout the world. Wiyaala is a real trailblazer in the music scene of Ghana.

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