Vodafone is now Telecel


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Telecel Ghana is the new name that Vodafone Ghana has alluded to.

This was disclosed in a post on social media.

This occurs one year after Telecel’s acquisition of Vodafone Ghana was authorised by the National Communication Authority.

According to Joe Anokye, the Director-General (DG) of NCA, Telecel has become the majority shareholder as of 2023. The GoG, via the State Interests and Governance Authority (SIGA), is also a minority shareholder, holding 30% of the company.

For at least a year, Telecel Ghana has been conducting business under the Vodafone brand.

The anticipated rebranding of Vodafone as Telecel would occur concurrently with the declaration of Significant Market Power (SMP) by MTN Ghana, the industry leader in the market. This is a component of the steps taken to provide industry participants with a more effective level playing field.

The smaller mobile network operators (MNOs) have benefited asymmetrically from GH¢86.6 million in savings over the past two years as a result of MTN Ghana’s designation as an SMP.

The SMP was created, among many other purposes, to level the playing field, limit the company’s capacity to control its profit margin, manipulate tariffs, and perhaps erect obstacles in the way of potential new competitors or smaller market players.

Currently, Vodafone Ghana holds a market share of roughly 18% in mobile phone usage. It is anticipated that Telecel’s presence will lead to an increase in the company’s market share.

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