Sonnie Badu reveals he invested nearly $180k in ‘Rhythms of Africa’ concert production


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UK-based Ghanaian artist Sonnie Badu recently shed light on the financial aspects of his successful Rhythms of Africa concert, disclosing a significant cost of nearly $180,000.

Speaking in a recent interview on Okay FM, he refuted rumors suggesting that he sold his Rolex watch solely for the event, clarifying that the expenditure surpassed that amount.

Disappointed with sponsors, he specifically mentioned Dr. Kweku Oteng, who had committed to support but failed to respond to calls or messages. Despite their longstanding relationship, Badu expressed frustration, shedding light on the challenges encountered by gospel musicians in securing financial backing for such events.

Badu’s concert, held at the Grand Arena of Accra International Conference Centre on December 9, 2023, showcased his dedication to delivering a remarkable musical experience, despite facing financial hurdles and unmet sponsor commitments.


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