Never exchange sex for job opportunities – Nana Aba Anamoah advises young ladies


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Nana Aba Anamoah, a multi-award-winning media personality from Ghana, is a proponent of professionalism and moral behaviour in the workplace. She places special emphasis on the significance of young women abstaining from sexual activity in order to pursue career opportunities.

She said that young women should not give in to men’s advances for sexual relations in exchange for jobs or professional advancement. She underlined that these concessions undermine women’s dignity and self-respect in addition to allowing them to be exploited or taken advantage of.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with 3Music TV, the esteemed journalist and broadcaster emphasised the value of meritocracy over unethical methods for advancing in one’s career.

“It’s just that some men think that is how they can exhibit power…If you are a young girl and you are caught up in that situation, I’ll say to you, do not have sex with a man.

“One girl told me if ‘I have sex with a man it’s not written on my forehead, nobody will know’. Yes, but it is your dignity. If you want to have sex with a man, have sex with a man but not because there is an opportunity at stake, that is your self-esteem gone,” she stated.

Nana further stated that, despite the fact that she has never experienced such an ultimatum at work, she firmly feels that any woman in a similar circumstance would be better off taking no chances.

“It is not their fault…if you say watch ‘how you carry yourself,’ then you are apportioning some blame to the young women,” she said, addressing the tendency to hold young women accountable for these situations. “Even though this girl is competent, I must get into her trousers before she gets the job,” believes an insane man. So it is not the young woman’s fault.

In her opinion, women should never engage in mutual sex because there is a potential risk involved, but if they choose to, it is fine.

“Of course, you will be confronted with so many challenges that at that point you need the job and the money…However I want to tell every young woman that exchanging sex for a job is not the way to go,” she emphasized.

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