Music in Ghana is now tainted with corruption – Reggie Rockstone


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Legendary Ghanaian rapper Reggie Rockstone has disclosed that there is pervasive corruption in the country’s music business, with some musicians purportedly purchasing internet streams to increase their notoriety.

Reggie Rockstone recently voiced concern on Property FM regarding Ghanaian musicians’ lack of real streaming numbers and their reliance on buying online streams to increase their notoriety.

“We need to talk about the corruption that has crept into music these days; the enormous amount of streams some musicians receive are occasionally not real because they have streaming farms,” he stated.

The hiplife icon revealed how the developers and innovators of well-known digital streaming services, like Spotify, are making enormous profits at the expense of the musicians themselves. He also added that the money made by those platforms’ users, especially those from other countries, goes towards supporting the people who created the platforms.

He continued, “We have a lot of things that we have to look at because the white people are really enjoying our money out of the digital streaming platforms they have created like Spotify and the rest, they are really spending our money, and they always find a new way to rip.”

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