Kwasi Aboagye, Zapp Mallet apologize to Afua Asantewaa after Ghanaians descended on


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Kwasi Aboagye has officially apologized to Afua Asantewaa on his Facebook page for the verbal abuse he inflicted upon her.

The ace on-air personality unleashed his venom on Afua hours before she started what would have been the longest singing marathon in the history of Guinness World Records.

Kwasi criticized Afua last week on Peace FM for her bad vocal abilities and overly public appearance leading up to her singathon, using his platform.

The host of Peace FM’s “Entertainment Review” program also had concerns about the way she handled some of Rex Omar’s demands, who had insisted on using copyright law to assist her bid to break the Guinness World Record and given her a list of all the songs she planned to perform.

Following Afua’s unofficial breaking of the record at the time of this report, some netizens revisited the issue and began attacking Kwasi Aboagye for his derogatory comments. In light of Afua’s remarkable achievement and the backlash from Ghanaians, Kwasi Aboagye has decided to issue a public apology.

He posted: “Apology It seems to me that a comment made on radio by me prior to the start of Afua Asantewaa’s SING A THON to encourage her to stay focus has been misconstrued—probably due to the tone of my voice. I will therefore like to apologize to Afua Asantewaa and everyone for the comment made and any unfortunate displeasure it might have caused. Go Afua!”

Zapp Mallet apologize to Afua Asantewaa
Zapp Mallet publicly apologized for his previous statement regarding Afua Asantewaa, which resulted in a massive backlash from Ghanaians.

Renowned for his expertise in sound engineering and music, Zapp Mallet took to Twitter a few hours ago to specifically critique Asantewaa’s vocal abilities and perceived lack of stamina.

Furthermore, the music producer asserted that Afua Asantewaa would be unable to accomplish her aspiration of singing continuously for three consecutive days.

He said: “Even professional singers won’t attempt a feat like this without a voice coach around to be coaching what to do. No strategy. Just play, I will sing. I feel for Afua paa. Herrhh! Find some heavy to eat. Singing is for the strong. Don’t let deceive you. Now you see you can’t even hit the key? So off-key. All bcos you tire. Smh. Where are our “famed” voice coaches? The girl is damn tired and she’s losing her voice. Won’t somebody show her how to revamp it? With the way she’s singing? Smh”.

However, the majority of Ghanaians, who have displayed immense support for Afua on her singathon journey, did not react favourably to his remarks and confronted him. Unable to withstand their criticism any longer, Zapp Mallet has now issued an apology.

He added that he supports her just like every Ghanaian.

“Guys, guys, guys, I’m so, so sorry. I just realized I was judging Afua Asantewaa so hard. Plz forgive me. I didn’t know the rules. But I said some of the things out of concern for her. Pls, don’t get me wrong. I’m behind her just like every Ghanaian,” he wrote on his Twitter page.

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