Killer Mike arrested at Grammys moments after winning 3 awards (Video)


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After winning three awards at the event, the Atlanta rapper was led in handcuffs out of the venue.

Following what police describe as a “physical altercation” at the 2024 Grammy Awards—which he had won three times during the pre-show portion of the event—rapper Killer Mike was taken into custody for misdemeanour battery.

According to TMZ on Sunday, the rapper is accused of “knocking down” a security guard at the event for allegedly failing to “get out of his way quick enough.”

A security guard approaches Killer Mike, real name Michael Render, as he stands in the rain outside Los Angeles’ Arena in a video that was released by TMZ.

The rapper was reportedly freed after that and is scheduled to appear in court later this month, according to the Associated Press. 

Variety later learned that Killer Mike is “out and will be celebrating his sweep tonight” from the rapper’s attorney.

Killer Mike was being led out of the arena by several police officers in another video sighted online by

“You cannot tell me you get too old. You cannot tell me it’s too late,” Killer Mike said on the Grammy stage. He won in three categories: Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance for “Scientists & Engineers,” as well as Best Rap Album for “Michael.” The wins marked his first Grammy awards as a solo artist, following his first win alongside OutKast for “The Whole World,” according to Rolling Stone.

On Sunday, he tweeted, “Thank God,” without further context.

Hip-hop legend Killer Mike is also well-known for his activism, which has included opposing the use of rap lyrics in court, supporting Bernie Sanders, and denouncing the killings of Black men by police. 


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