“It is a great honour to represent my country” – Muhammad Kudus


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Being chosen to represent one’s nation in an international competition is frequently regarded as the high point of an athlete’s career.

Talented football player Mohammed Kudus, who feels that donning the national colours is not only a duty but also a unique privilege, aptly embodies this sentiment.

Athletics The AFCON kicks off today, January 13.
Ghanaian football sensation Mohammed Kudus is aware of the significant influence of wearing the uniform for his country. He stressed in a recent interview that serving his country is about more than just personal achievements.

He thinks it is a privilege that goes beyond individual accomplishments, bearing the weight of pride in the country and the ability to motivate millions.

He feels that the privilege carries with it an obligation to uplift society and motivate upcoming sports generations.

“For me to be a part of the national squad is a huge privilege for me and my family and it comes with a huge responsibility representing over 30 million people who are inspired by you”

“I am fully committed to it and I always do my best when I’m in the shirt. Ghanaians should keep supporting and praying for us and we will do our best in the tournament”.

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