“I’m keeping it” – Fella Makafui addresses tattoo of Medikal’s name on her body


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In the midst of the turmoil that shook her marital home, Fella Makafui is opting to maintain her composure, despite their contentious separation.

The Ghanaian actress revealed that even though Medikal is no longer in her life, she has no plans to have the tattoo of her estranged husband’s name removed.

In an interview in Kumasi, where she will be having her “Resonance” movie premiere this weekend, she disclosed this information.

The divorce between Fella Makafui and Medikal gets more intense as she leaves their house.
She revealed that she had a “Samuel,” which is also Medikal’s name, while discussing her tattoos. She responded, “It is going to be there forever,” to the host’s question about whether she would take it down. I would have removed it a long time ago. I have so much respect for Medikal.”

She said, “We have had good, amazing moments,” in the video below. We’ve brought up a good product, Island (the name of their daughter). Why should I take it off?”

On the other hand, Medikal has covered up the tattoo of Fella Makafui on his body. The 30-year-old Ghanaian rapper announced his breakup with the actress shortly before this change happened.

Fella Makafui and Medikal, who have a child together, disclosed that they are currently divorced and only co-parent.

In a discussion on 3 Music TV, Medikal gave an explanation for his choice to hide the Fella tattoo on his arm: he did not want potential partners to see it when they were having private moments together.

“This is a bit personal; I don’t want my next girlfriend or wife to see my baby mama’s name while we’re being intimate,” he remarked.

The former couple has matching tattoos of a half-face lion that forms a full lion face when their hands are joined, in addition to Medikal’s tattoo of Fella’s name. Whether one of them decides to cover these tattoos is still up in the air.

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