If you’re fortunate to leave this country, don’t come back – Captain Planet urges


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Former leader of the defunct Hiplife/Hip Hop musical group 4X4 Captain Planet is urging Ghanaians to leave the country if they have the opportunity.

He feels that Ghanaians would be better off looking for opportunities elsewhere and that the nation’s leaders are not putting the needs of the people first.

Captain Planet claims that while Ghanaians face financial hardships, Ghanaian leaders purchase properties overseas.

Seeing as their futures are not secure in Ghana, he advised Ghanaians who could leave to not come back.

“If you’re fortunate enough to leave this country please don’t come back. These leaders are only acquiring properties for their families & they don’t give a shit about you. Don’t die for this country in the name of being patriotic. Your future is not secured here. BE WISE”.

In a post shared on X, Captain Planet, whose real name is Sylvanus Dodji Jeoffrey, revealed these revelations.

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