Ghanaians want improved living conditions – Rev. Lawrence Tetteh to Gov’t


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Reverend Dr. Lawrence Tetteh, the founder and president of World Wide Miracle, has recently advocated for improved living conditions for all Ghanaians.

The well-known devout man who is also a philanthropist claims that even though the government has made every effort to steer and stabilise the economy, there is still potential for improvement. On Sunday, December 31, 2023, he made the call during an exclusive interview with Keminni Amanor that aired on TV3’s Hot Issues.

“We want every community to have better living conditions. We want the national purse to go down to the downtrodden, we want to keep our children from the streets, we also want our roads to be built. As a matter of fact, I believe we have not prioritized enough,” he stated.

The popular televangelist continued by saying, ”That I have never minced my words. As a nation we should prioritize. There are certain places where we have laid more emphasis as against places we should look at to build.”

Rev Lawrencece Tetteh further cited a West African country where road construction has been prioritized for which reason they are deriving enormous benefits.

”I was in Equatorial Guinea and I noticed that even villages have streets. And I realized that in this area we have fallen short. If we prioritize, we can give a lot of support to the roads Minister to continue, because if we have good roads and good access, it gives us a chance to enlarge our economy,” he added.


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