Football to introduce blue cards for sin-bins trials


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As part of the trials for sin-bins, a new blue card is scheduled to be implemented in professional football.

Although yellow and red cards have been used in football since the 1970 World Cup, there have been rumours recently that a new card may be added to the game.

The International Football Association Board has approved the introduction of a blue card as part of a trial for sin-bins, according to The Telegraph.

Under the new protocol, players who commit cynical fouls or show disapproval towards an official will be taken off the pitch for ten minutes.

Only fouls committed during a potentially strong attack and dissent will be eligible for the new card.

A player may be shown a red card if they are dealt two blue cards or a combination of yellow and blue cards.

The new protocol is expected to be unveiled on Friday, according to reports.

According to a Telegraph report, elite trials may start as early as the summer, but top-tier competitions will not be included in the professional game’s initial testing if the protocols need to be improved.

“That could involve the FA Cup and Women’s FA Cup, as the Football Association is thinking of offering to test the competitions for the upcoming season.”

“It is not football anymore,” UEFA President Aleksandr Ceferin stated in an interview with the Telegraph, expressing his opposition to sin-bins. In the UEFA competition, we will not use them.

“Ifab has four European members. I don’t think they will do something against the interests of football. And, if they do, then we will deal with it later.”

Ceferin added: “I would leave football as it is.

“I think we don’t need a change of rules. We don’t need to be remembered as important persons that changed football. We don’t need to change football. We are passing through.”

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